The coronavirus pandemic had a pronounced impact on our research. About 60 coronavirus studies were begun in the course of the year.

Some of these studies have to do with patient care and diagnostics, while others focused on the wellbeing and coping of employees and students. Still other studies concerned the evolution and development of the service system and the functioning of society at large. We have been involved in two extensive international coronavirus research projects.

One of these is the REMAP-CAP study funded by the EU and the WHO to examine the use of biological anti-inflammatory therapy in treating coronavirus infections, and the other is the WHO-funded SOLIDARITY Finland.

We have already seen the first findings from studies gauging the wellbeing of employees and students. The wellbeing of employees and students is important to us, and it must continue to be monitored going forward.

In addition to research searching for new medications and diagnostic means, there is also a great deal of research that will help us improve our service system in the future.