HUS Occupational Health Services took an active part in the updating of the program to support work ability and in introducing the online forms for wellbeing at work. We stepped up our work ability evaluations and improved our service paths for illnesses affecting work ability.

Occupational physiotherapists were trained in direct reception activities, we increased and accelerated psychiatric consultations and recruited a rehabilitation counsellor who started in 2021. We also enhanced our cooperation with the Work Ability Coordinator, the network of work ability officers and Keva.

After the coronavirus pandemic began, Occupational Health Services organized coronavirus-related advisory services provided by nurses and referred employees to coronavirus testing and antibody tests. Coronavirus vaccinations began at HUS near the end of the year.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we performed our basic occupational health duties, albeit with considerable prioritization. We migrated towards digital and remote services. We now use online needs assessment and booking and online checkups. Our remote consultations help us provide occupational health services equitably for HUS employees at various geographical locations.

HUS Occupational Health Services agreed as of the beginning of 2020 on the provision of occupational health services for employees transferred to HUS in the Eksote area with a local private service provider. In 2020, the Social Insurance Institution (KELA) and the Regional State Administrative Agency carried out a planned, extensive audit of the operations of HUS Occupational Health Services.