One of the factors that affects the motivation and commitment of new employees and in-house transfers is successful induction.

Because recruitment has become more difficult, we wish to ensure that every new employee will have a high-quality induction process that ensures that they will have a smooth entry into their job, resulting in a commitment to their employment.

Developing a high-quality induction process was set as a strategic goal for 2020, because although induction has been discussed for years and subjected to various development efforts around HUS, we still face challenges in delivery. This work continues in 2021. The aim here is to outline a HUS-level induction model, to gain regular information on induction training provided and to establish an online support system.

The induction model describes what induction is like at HUS and lays the groundwork for designing individual induction courses while also giving induction participants an idea of the responsibilities and expectations involved. The model is to be introduced in the online deployment of general induction training during 2021.

Online platform to support induction

HUS has been using an electronic platform for initiating employment relationships in general induction, but feedback indicates that personnel needs content that is further processed. Also, it should be possible to undergo the induction training independent of time and place.

We explored the online learning platforms that would be available for induction training in the systems acquired by HUS through competitive tendering. We selected Moodle, in which new recruits can take the ‘Welcome’ course even before beginning their employment.

During 2021, we will be producing online general induction courses suitable for the induction training of all HUS employees. We will be adding an entry-level questionnaire to the online course to gauge how new employees feel about HUS as a workplace.

In order to deliver our induction improvement efforts to every unit and occupational group, we will be setting up an induction network in spring 2021 to improve induction training across the board at HUS.