There were 27,162 HUS employees in 2020. Our average age was 43.5 years.

At the end of 2020, there were 27,162 HUS employees. This represented an increase of about 626 on the year 2019, 464 more than in the budget.

Our personnel structure has remained largely the same in the past few years. Substantially more than half of our personnel are nursing staff. There were 76% permanent employees, a relatively high number and near the average for local government. The majority of employees were in full-time employment relationships.

The average HUS employee was 43.5 years old, about two years less than the average in the local government sector. The age structure of personnel is well balanced, as witness for instance the retirement prognoses extending up to 2030, according to which the percentage of retiring employees at HUS is lower than in the local government sector on average.

A total of 593 HUS employees retired in 2020. The number of retired employees increased by 68 compared to the previous year. The average retirement age was 61.7, slightly higher than in the previous year. The number of employees retiring due to age increased, and their average age also increased somewhat on the previous year, being 64.6.

The annual overall exit turnover of permanent personnel was 8.6%, higher than the annual target. Exit turnover excluding retirees was 5.8%. While turnover at HUS as a whole has increased, there are considerable differences in turnover trends between departments.

Increase in person years

Permanent personnel worked a total of 22,738 person years, 4.5% more (979 person years more) than in the previous year. The person year goal set in the budget was exceeded by 3.4% (743 person years).

The increase in both the number of employees and the number of person years is partly explained by the coronavirus situation, in areas such as sampling. Personnel transfers resulting from business transfers were minimal compared to the previous year. HUS acquired a total of 41 employees in connection with business transfers.

The average cost of a person year, including add-on costs, increased by only 0.6% (EUR 370) on the previous year, to EUR 61,670. The growth was influenced by, among other things, the contract increases included in collective agreements and the increase in holiday pay and cash reserve. The increase in holiday pay and cash reserve is explained by the increase in personnel on the one hand and the need for additional human resources due to the deployment of Apotti on the other, which made it more difficult for employees to take their full annual holidays.

Wages and salaries, and rewards

Wages and salaries paid in 2020 totaled EUR 1,185.8 million, including EUR 194.7 million in working hours compensations. The share of working hours compensations represented 16.4% of payroll expenses. Personnel costs, comprising payroll and the employer’s ancillary costs, exceeded the budget by EUR 14.9 million. Wages and salaries exclusive of ancillary costs increased by 5.7% on the previous year.