In 2020, HR partnerships focused on consistent operating practices and smoother processes. The partnership at Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation got off to a good start despite the coronavirus pandemic.

For HR Manager Eeva Ihaksi and OSAH Manager Susanna Puumi at Internal Medicines and Rehabilitation and at Emergency Medicine and Services, collaboration in the HR partnership during the year was seamless. Establishing working relationships has gone well with everyone involved, making it easier to deal with difficult situations and to find solutions.

It is the duty of the HR managers and occupational safety and health (OSAH) managers to support, advise and counsel the management. An HR manager mainly operates at the departmental level, while an OSAH manager is directly involved with supervisors.

Partnerships make work easier

In 2020, the focus in HR partnerships was on streamlining and harmonizing processes and guidelines. Harmonization was already a well-established practice in occupational safety and health, but the processes involved in the duties of HR managers were heterogeneous and in some cases unclear. The aim of the partnership program is to foster expert services that are solution-oriented and proactive.

Chief Nursing Officer Eija Rissanen from Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation considers that the HR partnership has made her job much easier, clarifying many matters having to do with HR. Although the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the plans for the year, Rissanen believes that things will gradually clear up.

There is much to improve in the partnerships, though: for instance, roles must be clarified so that policies may be established. However, Puumi feels that things are already better. Procedures and processes will continue to be developed in the current year, and the cooperation that has been established will become an aspect of everyday work.