Our image as an employer is important to us, because it gives us an understanding of the employee experience of our personnel, besides having an impact on personnel commitment and our attractiveness as an employer. We wish to communicate that we are taking steps to improve the employee experience.

For instance, we have identified anomalies as a result of feedback provided by specializing physicians. We received similar notes in a training place survey conducted by the Junior Doctors’ Association, published at the beginning of 2020. Our overall grade was poor; we were far from a five-star training place.

Some of our units did very well in the survey, however, being awarded four or five stars. With regard to specializing physicians, we introduced several new measures in 2020. We set up a network of senior specializing physicians, launched a mentoring program and began to improve training systematically by department and shared our development results. It will take time for this development and these changes to manifest themselves in everyday work. It is an ongoing process.

To publicize these changes, we began a series of articles towards the end of the year. During 2021, we will be explaining in these articles which anomalies our units are addressing with respect to specializing physicians and how we have improved our operations. This will both raise awareness of what we are doing and share best practices that others can adopt.

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