We have aimed to solicit more customer feedback and also to use that feedback to improve our operations.

In respect of customer feedback, we had two goals in 2020: to increase the number of customer feedback messages to 200,000 and to increase the NPS index – measuring how many customers would recommend us to others – to 70 for appointments and to 50 for emergency units.

The goal of increasing the number of feedback messages was exceeded by a wide margin: by the end of the year, we had received 272,960 customer feedback messages. At the end of the year, NPS stood at 71.8 for appointments and 48.7 for emergency units.

The principal objective for the customer feedback development and monitoring team for the year was to create a model for development and monitoring of the customer experience. The model is now ready, with the training and deployment having been completed towards the end of the year.

“With this operating model, processing and leveraging customer feedback will be more consistent, says Development Director Visa Honkanen.

The customer feedback development and monitoring team also improved the usability of the feedback pages on the HUS website. We made the feedback pages and forms more accessible. We revised the automatic monthly reports for departments and wards returned from the feedback system to make them more informative and fit for purpose.

“Thanks to robust reporting using AI we can quickly sort through a vast amount of feedback to identify the areas where we have done well and development points that each particular ward needs to work on,” says Katriina Mikkonen, Customer Services Manager at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics. 

The number of 200,000 feedback set in the number of customer feedback was well exceeded.