Coronavirus pandemic impinged on attainment of strategic goals

We had defined five strategic goals for 2020. They had to do with: the deployment and impact of the Apotti patient information system; digitalization and efficiency of our operations; personnel views on HUS as an employer; using customer feedback to guide our operations; HUS as a research community; and the environmental impacts of HUS operations.

Out of these five goals, we attained one in full and two partly, and the remaining two we did not attain.

Strategic goal Metric Outcome
HUS production at normal level after deployment of Apotti Number of outpatient clinic visits one month after deployment, compared with the same period in the previous year After deployments, the number of outpatient clinic visits was 86% of the number of visits in the same period in the previous year. Goal not attained
Personnel recommends HUS as an employer Question in the HUS Workplace Barometer: “Would you recommend HUS as an employer?” The goal was to improve the previous year’s result by 5 percentage points. The percentage of employees who would recommend HUS as an employer was 65%, the goal being 70%. Goal not attained
Customer feedback guides operations Every unit implements one corrective action on the basis of customer feedback The number of customer feedback messages was 272,960 (goal: 200,000), the NPS index was 71.8 (goal: 70) and the emergency clinic NPS index was 48.7 (goal: 50) Goal partly attained
Research permit applications requiring ethical review are processed quickly The turnover time for a research permit is less than 2 months in 90% of cases The granting of research permits in cases requiring ethical review took less than 2 months in 95% of cases Goal attained
Reducing the environmental load of HUS by energy conservation and by reducing the volume of mixed waste Energy conservation measures gained savings of 1%, i.e. 2,600 MWh, or EUR 200,000 per yearVolume of mixed waste per patient visit less than 1.2 kg. Actual accumulated energy savings: 1,900 MWh per yearVolume of mixed waste per patient visit: 1.17 kg Goal not attained for energy conservation but attained for reduction in mixed waste.