We introduced a new HUS Strategy at the beginning of 2020. Our strategy work in 2020 focused on our values.

The HUS Strategy defines our values, strategic goals, vision and promise. Our vision is to be a pioneer in health care.

Our strategic goals are:

  • The measurably best care and service.
  • We are the best community for learning, undertaking research and doing meaningful work.
  • Working for health efficiently and effectively.
  • Responsibility to the common good.
  • Customer oriented digital change.

Our promise is to give better care, for every patient, every day.

Our values are:

  • Caring
  • Equality
  • Pioneership

Goal: knowing our values

Our strategy work in 2020 focused on our values. Our aim is for each and every HUS employee to know the HUS values and to understand how these relate to their work. ​

We invited the entire HUS personnel to join in the values debate. The purpose here was to investigate how our employees see HUS values as relating to their work and how our values manifest themselves in each unit and at HUS as a whole.

Employees were given the opportunity to voice their opinions, to comment and to discuss our values anonymously in an online environment. In other words, employees were provided a channel through which to tell management about acting on our values and the challenges involved in day-to-day work.

A total of 31% of HUS employees participated in the values debate, submitting 35,000 votes and 14,200 comments. The responses show that the best supported value is ‘Caring’, which 76% of respondents felt was manifested in their work. The corresponding figures for the other two values were 61% for ‘Pioneership’ and 39% for ‘Equality’. Respondents considered all values to have personal importance for them.

We discussed the results of the values debate in management groups and among unit leadership. Values and how they are acted upon was also a key topic in development discussions in 2020.

We appointed value ambassadors for all our departments to help raise awareness of our values and to ensure that they remain an active topic of discussion. They also provide liaison between employees, unit leadership and senior management while prompting discussion of our values in their respective workplace environments.