In 2020, our investments totaled EUR 241 million, of which construction investments accounted for EUR 159 million.

The largest construction projects by cost were the Bridge Hospital at EUR 82 million and the first stage of the renovation of the Park Hospital. There were 37 major constructions projects being planned or under way.

Most of the major projects were in the Meilahti, Jorvi and Hyvinkää hospital areas. At Meilahti, for instance, we continued the renovations of the Women’s Hospital and the Tower Hospital. Jorvi Hospital was undergoing renovations of the surgery unit and premises underneath it and of the former emergency clinic premises. At Hyvinkää Hospital, renovation of block A of the main hospital was begun.

We also went ahead with project planning on two new hospitals in 2020: the Oak Hospital to be built at Meilahti between 2021 and 2024 and a new inpatient ward building at Jorvi Hospital. The potential construction of a similar inpatient ward building on the Peijas Hospital campus was being investigated.

In addition to our own construction investments, we made a major contribution to the planning of the new Joint Hospital on the Laakso Hospital campus with the City of Helsinki.

In the program for large research and treatment equipment, our focus was on equipment procurements for the HUS Diagnostic Center, totaling EUR 17 million. Of this, EUR 3 million went towards urgent purchases required because of the coronavirus pandemic. HUS was reimbursed by the central government for a total of EUR 5 million in equipment investments required because of the pandemic.

In HUS IT Management, our largest own investments in 2020 were integration projects for the Apotti system, the data pool and data warehouse development project, the IT network reconstruction project and, within construction projects, the IT infrastructure for the Bridge Hospital.

IT Management investments totaled EUR 27 million. The focus was on major IT projects, such as development of systems to support management reporting.