Billing of member municipalities’ contributions, i.e. fees for specialist medical care, totaled nearly EUR 2 billion.

The member municipalities’ contributions excluding the surcharge collected from the municipalities decreased by 4.4% on the previous year. The member municipalities’ contributions including the surcharge totaled nearly EUR 2 billion, an increase of 0.8% on the previous year.

HUS member municipalities’ specialist medical care costs per resident were EUR 1,056 on average in 2020.

Total billing for medical services for payers other than the member municipalities was EUR 190 million. This was lower than the budget figure by just over EUR 14 million, or 6.7%. Billing for the Specific Catchment Area was lower than the budget figure by about EUR 3 million, or 3.6%. Billing of other hospital districts was also less than budgeted, by EUR 7 million.