HUS Logistics is one of the profit areas providing nonmedical support services at HUS. Our services include procurement, supply logistics, goods transports, refill services, nursing logistics and medical technology.

In addition, we provide services to the HUS member municipalities and the Helsinki University Hospital Specific Catchment Areas that have signed a service agreement with us. The HUS Logistics profit area is managed and developed by the Director, assisted by the management group.

In 2020, HUS Logistics had a turnover of about EUR 298 million and employed 509 persons as at December 31, 2020.

Through procurement agreements, HUS Logistics manages global supply chains. Some of the products we procure are manufactured in countries classified as risk countries (BSCI classification), and one of the focus areas of our corporate social responsibility is to ensure that the conditions in which these products are manufactured do not violate human rights or the ILO fundamental principles and rights at work. Moreover, in all procurements and other operations we consider key environmental aspects in accordance with the HUS environmental policy.

This report provides a cross-section of the corporate social, economic and environmental responsibility in HUS Logistics operations. This is our third Sustainability Report. We have published responsibility reports in accordance with the GRI standard on our activities in 2018 and 2019.